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Aliens: The Complete Truth Vol.2 - The Cover Up

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Feb 2, 2012
  • Hits: 364

Aliens: The Complete Truth Collection (2000)

Aliens: The Complete Truth is a thought provoking investigation into the existence of UFOs. It documents their landings and interventions around the world, from the USA, Mexico, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, and many other regions. This program is packed full of incredible footage, fascinating interviews and eyewitness accounts taken from around the world. Never before seen - this recently completed program is available for the first time anywhere in the world on DVD. Featuring photographs, documents, expert testimony and extensive original moving footage, we believe this is the most comprehensive series ever made on the subject.

Vol. 2: The Cover Up
Original material has been gathered from around the world to demonstrate the official cover up which has systemically taken place from Area 51 in the USA to Europe. Asian and Russian footage and testimony are examined. The leading experts in the field deal comprehensively with a hugh body of evidence.

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