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2/1/2012 -- Severe Weather Outbreak -- South USA -- AR, LA, MS, AL, TN, KY, GA, SC, NC

Full website post with multiple links you can use to monitor this severe outbreak: If you live in the states of: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina --- be aware of this severe weather outbreak -- pay heed to any warnings issued for your area . Be safe, be prepared. ==dutch== ============================= Funding the operation: ** DONATION OPTION ** PLEASE help if you can ! The help of the INDIVIDUAL viewer is indeed needed !!! As you can see on my websites I have no advertisements, sponsors, and am not selling any products. In exchange for no corporate backing... I have provided simple and secure link to give a donation: All my work is free for sharing TV, Radio, and print all done for free ! This is a GOOD THING ! MANY THANKS for thinking about helping - and special thanks to those who have helped in the past !

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