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2/1/2012 -- Pisgah Crater PLUMES APPEAR AGAIN -- see on EYX NEXRAD station LIVE NOW!

UPDATE 710pm CST 2/1/2012 -- plumes on RADAR in arizona @ The Uinkaret volcanic field and california @ pisgah lavic fields ! on college of dupage now! IN NORTHWEST ARIZONA -- from a large dormant volcanic chain.. same type of 'plume event' occurring at the same time as Pisgah Crater.. to me. this is full confirmation that now we see TWO separate volcanic areas producing some kind of 'plume return' on RADAR. USE THE LINK BELOW to college of dupage.. it will only be live for a short while longer. This new plume eruption from pisgah crater in california is a chance for OTHER people who were HARSH the first time this happened to review for themselves REAL TIME as this is happening.. EYX station in Southern California.. NOW on ANY SYSTEM.. See this plume event occur LIVE on RADAR now -- Southern California -- EYX nexrad station : weather.cod.edu DO NOT ATTEMPT to go to these sites -- private property -- government land -- and the possible REAL THREAT of steam venting (not to mention it is the Mojave Desert). Pisgah Crater region had a series of similar "plumes" this past summer --- these plumes actually erupted ALL the way up the west coast .. east into Nevada .. north to Washington State and Idaho... Here are the past links to catch up on what happened 6 months ago: www.youtube.com sincedutch.wordpress.com The last time this occurred (in July 2011).. the USGS said it was a "thunderstorm".. then the MILITARY CONTACTED ME (literally a Captain in the Marines @ 29 palms military ...

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