Terral03 And Jim Marrs On 911 Rev Radio Friday 6PM ET

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Feb 3, 2012
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Revolution Radio "911Truth: In Plane Sight" Jim Marrs joins Terral03 and Tim on Freedomslips.com Revolution Radio 6PM Eastern Time and 5PM Central Time discussing the 9/11 Inside Job. I have been following the outline from my book 911Truth: Exposing the Cheney/Rumsfeld Black Operation. This week I want to pick Jim's researcher mind for his insight into the 9/11 Attacks. Call-in Number: 347-688-2902. Skype: freedomscreen Rev Radio: www.freedomslips.com Rev Radio Chat: www.freedomslips.com Radio Show Banner: uploader.newradiostation.com Terral03.com Website: terral03.com Jim Marrs Website: www.jimmarrs.com Jim Marrs Books: www.jimmarrs.com Jim's Rense Radio Archives: www.renseradioarchives.com (Terral Show at bottom) Radio Link List: 2012forum.com Download Paltalk Messenger (free): www.paltalk.com Terral's Research Group: www.paltalk.com

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