Egyptians Protest Against Military Rule

  • Uploaded by Will69ease on Feb 4, 2012
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Protests have erupted once again in Egypt. Demonstrators there are protesting against the ruling Military Council and the Interior Ministry for failing to provide security at a recent soccer match. Fans clashed after the match, resulting in hundreds of injuries and more than 70 deaths.

The event has become a flashpoint for the Egyptians’ ongoing outrage against the ruling military government. The Port Said violence and resulting protests have intensified a continuing debate: How and when should the military relinquish control?

The military is expected to transfer power to a civilian government by the end of June. That is when a new president will be voted in. The Muslim Brotherhood stands to gain the most from a democratic government. It has decided to wait out the process to avoid angering the military.

Watch to see if the Muslim Brotherhood decides to put pressure on the Military Council for a speedier transfer of power. The Egyptian military still controls the stability of the country, but the Trumpet has predicted that it will ultimately lose power to the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization.

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