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The Pursuit of UFOs, part 1


Over the Urals taiga circling UFOs.
Chelyabinsk Region, Russia.

Inhabitants of a small Ural town worried about the problem of extraterrestrial civilizations. A few days ago they saw in the sky, an unidentified flying object, and since not feel safe.
Neighbors have shared the bright impressions with the correspondent of NTV Artem Kolodkin.
TV camera crew spent the night in the village and took these amazing shots.
Correspondent says - around this place within a radius of 100 km there is nothing but forests and swamps.

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  • Nervousnjerky#

    Nervousnjerky February 4, 2012 4:29:27 AM CET

    If it wasn't for the LED quality of the lights, I would like this video a lot more. The newsman mentions "balloon"and messes with fishing line. The guy in the Volvo with the spoiler looked suspect as well. Good find none the less. Thanks

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