2/3/2012 -- Severe Weather -- TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, LA, IA, NE, MS, IL next several days

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Another day of severe weather -- and about 2-3 more to go before this system is fully offshore of the United States . Damaging winds, large hail, and possible tornadoes are out ahead of the Blizzard in Colorado. Expect further severe weather to occur in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota --- and eventually the east coast and south east --- Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and all the states in New England. Here are the links you will need to monitor this outbreak:: www.intellicast.com radar.weather.gov weather.cod.edu www.intelliweather.com weather.unisys.com www.eldoradocountyweather.com http nmq.ou.edu wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov www.srh.noaa.gov www.inmet.gov.br weather.rap.ucar.edu www.srh.noaa.gov cirrus.sprl.umich.edu vortex.plymouth.edu www.accuweather.com http www.atmos.washington.edu www.stormsurfing.com www.weather.com weather.engin.umich.edu www.woweather.com www.goes.noaa.gov livewxradar.com socc.caps.ou.edu www.weather.gov http www.inmet.gov.br www.met.hu www.meteoradar.ch www.metoffice.gov.uk www.t-online.de www.ndbc.noaa.gov www.baynews9.com www.tornadoalleylive.com www.nrlmry.navy.mil ==================================== Funding the operation: ** DONATION OPTION ** PLEASE help if you can ! The help of the INDIVIDUAL viewer is indeed needed !!! As you can see on my websites I have no advertisements, sponsors, and am not selling any ...

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