2/3/2012 -- Website has been RESTORED -- Thanks to viewer outcry -- trials and tribulations

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Feb 4, 2012
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Needless to say.. the time to move to my OWN server is now relying on other companies or people is not going to work seems everyone shuts it down within 6 months ... private company from last year got hacked and asked me to leave!! Now wordpress shuts me down arbitrarily... The only way is going to be something I personally own, maintain, and pay for. This reached a whole new level an aggressive shutdown of my website without any kind of notice or any kind of appeal other than an internet blast of complaints ?! WTH is this world coming to?! here is the original video I made (cuss alert NC-17) I drop the eff bomb a few times among other hot under the collar statements. www.youtube.com please understand.. I made this video after I found out my website was deleted --- NO REASON sent to me -- No email , call , or contact of any kind from Wordpress --- just literally deleted my site and threw up a long form "term of service" agreement on what WAS my page. SEVERAL HUNDRED (maybe even thousands) of my viewers contacted wordpress via the form I provided below the video .... the website has now been restored (approx 11am CST 2/3/2012). This marks the second time my website has come under "shutdown assault". First time, I had it held on a private server -- that server got DOS attacked over and over again to the point where the other businesses on the service were being effected. My old website was hacked, literally they came in and deleted the content (on multiple servers ...

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