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Steven Bassett Interview UFO & ET Disclosure II

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Feb 5, 2012
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Steven Bassett urges citizens to sign the UFO DISCLOSURE II Petition . We urge you all to sign up, all contact information is below. Easy to sign the petition, and the request is for 25K, that should be easy considering nearly 200K in the USA believe that ET's or UFO's exist.
Please sign up today, and let's all agree on one thing. Many believe that our government is corrupt, so why bother signing a petition for disclosure?

I say , "WHY NOT"?

~Roxy Lopez~

PRG Update - December 4, 2011
Disclosure Petition II - Rockefeller Initiative
Direct Petition Link:
Info Page:
Media Coverage/Videos:
Twitter Page:!/stevebassett
Facebook Page:

Many people have had problems creating a new account and/or signing the Disclosure II petition on the We the People White House website. Here is some helpful info:

1) If you created an account to sign the first petition, you do not need to create another.
2) When you create an account, you will receive an email back with your password and a verification link you have to click to activate your account.
3) Some of the less common browsers seem to be having a problem, so consider using another browser.
4) Fill out all the fields. If you reside in another country, put your postal code in the Zip Code field. But if that doesn't work, leave the Zip Code field blank.
5) Once the account is created, if you are still not able to sign a petition, log out and sign in again.
6) The White House website has been having problems. If your account is set up properly and you are unable to sign, wait a bit and try again later.
7) The last PRG Update had a typo in the petition info link. The correct link is:

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