DC Occupiers Tumble as Police Clear Library Area

A face off between the US Park Police, enforcing a no camping regulations at McPherson Park in Washington DC, and Occupiers fearful that the police could not be trusted as they moved toward the main Occupy Library. So the Occupiers sat down ready for arrest, but instead of arrest, the Police formed a moving scrimmage line in the front, at the same time another contingent of Police move in from the sides - narrowing the escape route in part blocked by people sitting down. In the mayhem, a women screams, and panics as an officer, who seem to have broken ranks (although being one of the commanders), shoves the side of his baton into her back, she is pushed on to the fallen camera person who was taking this video.

More Information read "The battle for McPherson Square
Rough police tactics rout 300 protesters from their tent city in the heart of Washington" BY JEFFERSON MORLEY

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