YouTube's Mass Censorship (S1959)

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Please send this vid out to all your contacts. If you have any vids on your channel, please add a few of them as a video response to this vid so we can get to the top of the most-responded list for today. We know that YouTube arent displaying the true number of views so we have to do something else to get this vid seen. Please comment, fave and rate this vid. If we do nothing then we may as well just give up now. This channel will be gone soon. See you in the torture camps.

This is what it's about; Don't expect to see everything happen at once, it can take just a few more years, 15 at most. Are your kids gonna be around in these days? And there kids? Are you willing to die knowing they'll have to survive in a police state?

If we don't stop this here at YouTube and raise a HUGE CONCERN right now - they will pass S1959. They will rationalize that we will ACCEPT the censorship and go further. While the request of Senator Lieberman SEEMS reasonable the bill itself has so many holes that you could interpret it MANY different ways. It's "Force or Violence" to promote a religious, social or political belief. Under this law if you stop someone on the street and hand them a Bible you can be considered a T--R*RIST. If you advocate action against a corporation or the government you can be considered a T**R*RIST.
Don't even use that last word in any electronic (phone,web,cell,fax) messaging. You never know the day when they will pass a law and trace this word back in time if they want any reason to harm you. This is serious.

If you think this is funny; the US is getting ready for an little oil race with Russia in the Bering see and north pole. The US don't need that oil and they even close down the biggest find in history back in early 70s.(I'll post the link to the video below) The US only need a reason for conflict. And Russia has already what I knew, for more than a year, was gonna happen that we see in the news now. US has no fund to go further in middle-east. China is gonna kick-em out of there.So China is gonna pay back itself what the US owe them in a way. See, China has way more friendship relation with Russia than with US.

Full version;

OK, what this got to do that video that you commented on? Here;
We see today and know for a long time that US is heading into a major police state (1930s Germany style). All they need now is a couple more law to cut our rights, or worst, maybe this bill is enough to cut all our rights not only in US, but eventually on the global scale. The coming market crash will be enough to put mayhem in this country, and with a police state that can do anything they want, they can even take your job away from you and give it to a more docile sheep kind of person at any time. Believe me, they will do so, and even worst.

If we don't stand-up and say want we want, what is deep in our hearts, and not just something because a law allow it to, whats the meaning of living for god sake?

Here is what the 1959 bill means;

I use to pray, and I have stop cause it was giving me nightmares. I started meditation, just to realize that I don't need to sleep to make nightmares. And this was years ago. And hell no, I'm no medium and don't want to be. May God help us? if at least we were on his side, his true nature, the true nature that makes all and every universes there is. But we kill babies because we hold-on to a way of living that is even killing us and the planet. Only because we don't stand-up and only follow laws and commands without even questioning them.


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