What is this!? ufo?! PUERTO RICO 1/28/2012

  • Uploaded by Grey on Feb 6, 2012
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HONESTLY-- this was an unidentified aircraft in the sky FOR SURE. This footage is from 1/28/2012. It was over San Juan hovering, flying back and forth, inland and out over the islet for about 20 minutes. With the Naked Eye you could SEE this thing. It was one light that expanded to several that rotated in a circular motion around whatever was flying, at the base. I was so nervous/excited while I was filming that you can hear me blubbering, I apologize for that while you watch. You may want to turn your volume down. PLAINLY, it changed shaped and color. I was excited to get it on camera, BUT UPSET that I only have a camera phone and cant zoom?! they need to add zoom features for video on the Galaxy s11!!!
Listen, I am floored by what is on this video. If someone has camera editing software and can zoom, enhance or whatever, PLEASE DO IT. this was incredible to watch

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