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Obama Signs Executive Order On Iran


  • Outlander88#

    Outlander88 February 9, 2012 1:04:05 AM CET

    I am going to tell you guys something. For over 2 decades now I have had dreams of events like this one, but in my hometown. In some of them dreams I could feel the heat, the radiation, and the air pressure passing all over me. In one of my dreams I was with my older brother, heading towards downtown to search for his wife, and the whole city was burning, totally destroyed, and it just looked hopeless.On another dream, the sky was darkened by the fire smoke, but the fire illuminated my burned down neighborhood. In that dream, as I looked out from a broken brick wall, I could see someone was walking out there. As I focus on that person, I then saw who it was, and it was me, but really it was just my shadow. My fear now is seeing people pushing each other to that extreme. And we are pushing each other to that extreme for what? For Religion?!! For Money?!! For Power?!! For Control?!! For Population Control?!! Give me a F-n Break!! If we keep pushing each other to this extreme, then we will surely end up killing each other totally. Understand?! Or how it this, who's next to be eliminated? I know, the Latinos. We have the NDAA, and we can use it to put them on ships, and dump them all at sea and feed the fishes. Do you like that one?Listen, I live south of the border and do see some bad seeds in us Latinos, but not all of us are bad. Hell, I even learned that the oxygen/hydrogen cell batteries system could be a great power system for our daily auto transportation (replacing the combustion system). This was my wakeup call 19 years ago, plus learning how the system really works and it all sickened me.Listen, you people need to wake up and see the whole picture, and see that this event is being pushed by the Central Bankers, Banks, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, which includes the policies given by George Soros, and The Rothschild family, and the likes of them. And part of their game is to reduce the population by a great percentage, to a level more easily manipulated and controlled. Our politicians are puppets to them, for they have pushed the ultimate organize crime practice to be legalized, and for their own protection. So please get your heads out of your asses, for winter is coming to an end. So Please Wake The F - Up!!!

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