First moon picture from China

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China joins the ranks of the nations who have successfully deployed deep space projects, with their publication of the first lunar picture.
The black and white image showed a rough moon surface with scattered round craters both big and small. The area covered by the picture, about 460 kilometers in length and 280 km in width, is located within a 54 to 70 degrees south latitude and 57 to 83 degrees east longitude. China will provide the data collected to as many scientists as possible.

Premier Wen Jiabao (R) unveiled the first picture of the moon, sent back from the lunar probe Chang'e I, in Beijing November 26, 2007. The premier said that the lunar probe was the third milestone in China's space exploration, following the success of man-made satellites and manned space flights. The success, he said, not only manifested China's rising national strength and technical innovation capability, but also elevated the country's international status and cemented national cohesion.

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