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Obama Invokes NDAA, Issued Executive Order Declaring War on Iran


President Obama invokes the NDAA, which authorizes the use of military force, and issues an executive order declaring the "threat" of Iran a National Emergency.

The video below shows this issuance of President Obama executive order which declares Iran's threat to cut off oil supplies a national emergency.

The executive order directs all government agencies to respond immediately to the threat. It further invokes the authority of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which gives the President the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of Congress.

Ironically, the State of Emergency order also accuses the Iranian central bank of deceptive banking practices.

For those who think some random serious of events led up to this situation, the following article is a real eye opener. The Brookings Institute laid out the playbook in 2009 on how to provoke a war with Iran and garner international support for and invasion.

Comparing the chain of events since then, it is pretty clear that the war hawks have followed the playbook to the tee so far. It is quite scary thinking about the the next steps in the playbook -- an Iran sponsored 9/11 attack.

Read the remainder of the page here: http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/02/07/obama-invokes-ndaa-declaring...

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  • Capsule001#online

    Capsule001 February 11, 2012 4:53:32 AM CET

    At 3:19 had enuf of secion 3947653985abk8563! what a load of bollox! I'm sorry but i just cannot take these people seriously anymore call it awakening or whatever u like, but i don't live by what they do or say anymore, Fuck em and their law!

  • Russrob#

    Russrob February 11, 2012 4:23:45 AM CET

    it's coming, party time

  • Things2come#

    Things2come February 9, 2012 1:14:44 AM CET

    Didn't President Obama receive the NOBLE PEACE PRIZEThese people .........Soon the net will be down because the "US Government" or "THEM" wont wont us to communicate to one another.

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