Gold & Silver Update 8 February 2012

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There can never be any certainty that a debt crisis will not spiral out of
control. Risks therefore, must increase until the financial pressure becomes intolerable and the financial authorities move to inject massive amounts of liquidity, reduce interest rates, and bail out the large awaiting bankrupts that are about to collapse.

I am saddened to see it unfold in the Country I love

The Great American Popularity Contest, the Presidential Election 2012 is heating up. Expect further stimulus in the form of another Q E 3. Soon the Fed will be spewing the dollars throughout the land ensuring inflation pressure for years to come. The markets sees it, gold sees it, and China sees it.

The Chinese Mean To Control The Global Gold Market.

Get ready for the Pan Asian Gold Exchange, scheduled to open in June, 2012 in Kunming City, Yunman Province, the gateway to all of Southeast Asia.

This is serious, as the Pan Asian Gold Exchange is a part of China's five year plan which means it is part of China's strategic strategy for dominance in global financial markets and the global economy.

Pan Asian will allow Chinese to speculate in gold futures contracts or buy physical gold through an account with a bank or broker. All 320 million customers of the giant Agricultural Bank of China will. simply be able to use their Renminbi, the Chinese currency, from their bank accounts to trade gold. Sounds bloody dangerous doesn't it.

It means the spot market in gold could be headed for China- and away from London's Metals Exchange or the Comex in New York. I'd like to know who is going to oversee and regulate all this action. For example, when the Comex
raises margin requirements to dampen speculative fervor - will China be governed by that? I doubt it very much.

In June you'll be able to buy spot gold or futures contracts in China. It also means that the Chinese currency- not dollars- will for the first time become the ruling currency used in one of the major speculative commodities of our age. All eyes will be on the influence of the gold trade in China rather than New York, London, Switzerland or South Africa.

Another reason for registering the reality of gold as a trading vehicle, an investment for households, central banks, hedge funds, endowments. Another bullish force behind the powering of gold prices higher.

No wonder George Soros has bought back some or all of the gold position he sold around $1600 an ounce.

This concludes is your Gold Update for 8 February 2012.

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