Glowing UFO Spotted Hovering Over Thames Estuary

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Glowing UFO' spotted hovering over Thames Estuary leaves driver mystified

By Emma Reynolds

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A star-gazer has filmed intriguing footage of a glowing UFO, which he says he spotted hovering over the Thames Estuary.

The man, identified only as Space999dude, recorded the phenomenon as he drove past the river at night, he said.

The mysterious, oval aircraft can be seen suspended in the air displaying several amber-gold lights of varying sizes.

'I took this from my car but had to go because of where I was parked,' wrote the baffled motorist below his 53-second YouTube video.

'Seems too bright for a boat and looked like it was above the water.'

He suggested that more people should keep an eye on the sky in the dark and should carry filming equipment to keep track of such strange occurrences.

'I always carry a camcorder in my car as I saw something a few years ago and think more people should be looking and keeping cameras at the ready,' he said.

But many viewers on the video sharing website were sceptical.

'Why stop filming after 53secs?' asked one user. 'That's the first sign of a hoax. Indoor lights reflected in the window is my guess.'
I always carry a camcorder in my car as I saw something a few years ago and think more people should be looking and keeping cameras at the ready.

The UFO spotter explained the poor quality video by saying he was unprepared for such a sighting. 'It was a very long way off and I was at full 40x zoom hence the shaky footage.'

But another user wrote: 'Without details, it's impossible to even guess what this might have been.

'What was your location, which way were you pointing the camera, what was the time, what were weather conditions like.... and why didn't you zoom out to give us some perspective? No good telling us it was a 40 x zoom without something to compare it with.'

However, there are still some believers.

One said: 'It could be anything...that's the nature of UFO sightings...Keep looking and filming!'

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