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Michael Jackson on The Jews

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Feb 9, 2012
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  • Kgjhfj#

    Kgjhfj February 10, 2012 1:41:55 PM CET

    Parasitenation7 is a Pathetic warmonger

  • Jfriss#

    Jfriss February 10, 2012 1:37:36 PM CET

    Parasitenation7@ Fuck you and your stinking religion

  • Lorents#

    Lorents February 10, 2012 12:48:40 PM CET

    i'd rather have jews controlling the whole world than muslims. they are worse. and thats all that would happen. the muslims would just take the reins and be more oppressive than jews are doing now with so called democracy takeover tactics. at least the jews try to hide the brutality of what they do with a nice layer of niceness and helpiness.

  • Parasitenation7#

    Parasitenation7 February 10, 2012 7:14:58 AM CET

    You are not fooling anyone..... More, and more of us are waking up to the fact........ That it was your TRIBE WHO thought it was chosen during WWII.. NOT THE GERMANS!! So Please Don't even fucking try it Talmud BOY..

  • Rev165#

    Rev165 February 9, 2012 11:48:50 PM CET

    I wasn't able to flag this for some reason.....do I even have to point this out ?????....As A JEW THIS IS RACIST I AM NOT ONLY A JEW I AM A HUMAN BEING ANDAS SUCH COMPASSIONATE TO EVERYONE EVEN THE IGNORANT..........so sad to be you

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 February 9, 2012 10:06:05 PM CET

    why cut it off before he says exactly what it is that they do? its not the jews its the non semitic khazars ie in the last presidency 80% of the federl government were khazar zionists but only 2% of the U.S.population were khazar..ashkeNazis

  • Parasitenation7#

    Parasitenation7 February 9, 2012 7:01:28 PM CET

    Fuck you Aaaa your whole race cried wolf during the second world war!! You won't be able to do it again!!!! This time... Your time is up.. folks are waking up all over the world, and there is NOT A DAMN FUCKING THING YOU CAN DO about it........!!! But call people names!!

  • Aaaaa#

    Aaaaa February 9, 2012 4:57:02 PM CET

    Why should I care about what a Muslim pedophile thought of Israel ?

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