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Alien Device Examined

  • Iongets
  • uploaded: Feb 9, 2012
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More strange powerful devices have been found . Some of the things you will be seeing defy description. These are monitors some made from energy itself. They have independent trajectories and most likely, separate functions. The units probably continues gathering information and travels constantly. That info is used by other beings. Beings that produce a hovering energy machine could suspend any attempt by us of cessation of their activity. I believe we can have deference unless they outright prove they are not of a benign nature. Yet when you see what is here, we all better hope for the best.

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  • Glphil#

    Glphil September 2, 2012 8:40:31 PM CEST

    It's your vid, you have the absolute right to do it as you see fit! If you desire this to be taken seriously, I would suggest you disclose such facts as itme, place, recording equipment used, any effects used. corroborating evidence such as other media reports of the same siting etc etc.

    You say you did this for entertainment.and as such i think you did well. I liked the sound effects etc. But you claim this is all real. I have no reason to doubt you and see no reason to doubt.

    I am of the opinion, that if all of this is legit, why not present it as such? You seem to have some great images captured, Just my two cents worth! I am of the opinion that no one has a right to tell someone else how to do their vids. However, people have the right to evaluate vids and their belief of the varacity of them. I see no obvious reasons to doubt the veracity of this video.

  • Henry8#

    Henry8 February 13, 2012 5:33:03 PM CET

    This is rubbish ! At least you've provoked a response.

  • Bbigffish#

    Bbigffish February 13, 2012 5:30:48 AM CET

    This guys a little off his rocker ,but then those r the ones maybe r the ones we need to listen to the most .Tell me though what purpose is it to have the "Music?" go back and forth ,please those are pretty legit pic,s but I hope your serious about them . But I keep thinkin you wear a Tin Foil Hat !!!! :( and your just playin ,so which is it ...Legit ...or....Quack!!

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