Mysterious Flash Blast in the Russian Sky

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The Russian web was ablaze with bizarre theories today at an extraordinary explosion seen by thousands of commuters in St Petersburg.

It must have seemed like the end of the world was nigh when motorists driving along this busy motorway saw a huge flash light up the night sky on the horizon.

So far, conspiracy theories of martians and bomb-testing have emerged to explain the astonishing sight. However, the reality was far less exciting.

The flash was the result of an explosion at an electrical power plant in St Petersburg, in what was described as a 'technical malfunction' by officials. No one was hurt in the incident.

The amazing footage was recorded by one driver listening to John Lennon as he was stuck in a traffic jam.

Russians go to the polls to choose a new President on March 4 following widespread complaints of ballot rigging by the party of favourite Putin in the December parliamentary elections.

In fact the explanation was more mundane.

The dramatic light show came from the latest explosion of an electricity substation in St Petersburg.

Officials blamed a 'technical malfunction' for the spectacular display without further explanations of what went wrong.

The breakdown of small feeder power stations is by no means unusual in the former USSR, often plunging entire districts into darkness.

But as one blogger said: 'It's great they've got John Lennon on the radio. His message will not be lost.'

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