Life Like Terminator`s to hit USA streets

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US Military orders Life Like Robots Humiod robots to create and test next-generation soldier system technology. Our solution: a virtual prototyping tool based on next-generation human simulation, a tool that goes beyond ergonomics and passive crash test dummies, a tool that provides dynamic simulation, active behavior control, and built-in anthropometry, a tool called Digital Biomechanicsâ„¢.

Digital Biomechanics is the world's first simulation tool to model the effect of equipment on soldiers engaged in actual tasks, from walking, running, and crawling to completing a virtual obstacle course. These human models obey the same laws of balance, locomotion, and dynamic loading as real people do in the physical world. Digital Biomechanics predicts how changes in equipment, environment or task will affect soldier performance, bodily forces, and fatigue during realistic warfighting tasks. Use it to analyze soldier performance before building physical mock-ups and doing live testing. It shortens design/test cycles, reduces cost, minimizes the risks of live testing, and gets more effective equipment to the battlefield faster.

Hundreds of Models
DI-Guy comes complete with hundreds of characters from all walks of life including:

•Men, women, and children with a wide range of cultural appearances.
•Soldiers wearing a wide range of different uniforms and carrying a complete array of modern weaponry and equipment.
•Flight Deck Crew for simulating aircraft landing and takeoff procedures.
•Policemen, firemen, hazmat specialists, and victims for simulating emergency response.
•Vehicles, horses, buildings, props, - even chickens! Everything you need to create a complete simulation.
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