Prodigal Son Isaac:- The most simple Parable of Pr

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Prodigal Son Isaac:- The most simple Parable of Prodigal son Isaac, the Chosen People. Luke 15:11-32
11Jesus also said, `A man (Abraham) had two sons(Ismael from Slave woman Hagger and Isaac from Natural wife Sarah). 12The younger son said to his father, "Father, give me my part of what will belong to me." The younger Son, Isaac left his father because he was unfaithful to Him and did not carry the benevolent qualities of Abraham. The people of Isaac, the Chosen People did not remain righteous and started to fleece each other. Or they became greedy. When they lost the Salt of Abraham, then Abraham kicked them out of the Promised Land that became barren. No food and they have to leave the country for Egypt where the faithful to his father who was dumped and maltreated by his brethren was blessed with the Wisdom that marvelled the Egyptians, the simple minded people honest to God. This also reflects the spiritual gifts the Chosen People had but when they became corrupt, they were left with the evil spirit gifts of Satan as they recently observed during the siege of Jerusalem in 66 A.D). So his father divided ( kicked the unfaithful Isaac from his Promised Land out) all he had between the two sons. 13After a few days, the younger son packed up his things. He left home and went to a country far away. There he spent his money in foolish and wrong ways. (Evil spirit bears evil fruit). 14He spent everything he had. `There was no food in that country for a long time. That is in Egypt, they were not eating as lavishly as they used to eat in their own Promised Land. He began to be in trouble. 15So he went to stay with a man in the country who had a farm. The man sent him out to his farm to feed the pigs. Pigs that they hated to look after. 16He would have been glad to eat the food the pigs ate. But no one gave him anything. Here his miserable condition is outlined. 17`Then he started to get sense. Then, the Chosen People realised how the lavish food they were eating in their Promised Land? He said, "My father has many men who work for him. (Slaves working for Abraham and now they themselves are worse than those slaves).They have plenty of food. But here I am dying because I have nothing to eat! 18I will get up and go to my father. I will say to him, "Father I have been a bad son. I have done wrong to God in heaven, Yahweh, the creator of male and female and to you, the Righteous son of God Abraham. 19I am not good enough now to be called your son (Sons enjoy the inheritance and good living). Let me be like one of these men who work for you (Slaves do not inherit the property of Father or enjoy the comforts that are for the sons)." 20`So he got up(Moses brought them out after the burning Bush experience or putting on the Christ and facing the cruel Pharoahs) and went to his father(Taken to the Promised Land after 40 years in the wilderness eating Manna as the Punishment that in future, they will never be unfaithful to Abraham. But when Christ Jesus was born, they were unfaithful to Abraham as Abraham was a Semite and not a Jew outwardly). While he was still far away, his father saw him. He loved him and wanted to share in his troubles. He ran and put his arms around him and kissed him. (Only the sons are welcomed into the House of father Abraham and this was the same Promised Land was Lush green and productive). 21The son said to him, "Father, I have been a bad son. I have done wrong to God in heaven and to you. I am not good enough now to be called your son. Let me be like one of these men who work for you." The place of the son is the House and not outside where slaves live. 22`But his father said to his servants, "Go quickly and bring the best clothes. Dress him. Put a ring on his hand (as a sign of authority that the slaves do not enjoy). Put shoes on his feet. 23Bring the fat calf and kill it. Let us have a feast and a good time. 24This is my son. He was dead and now he is alive again. He was lost and is found." And they began to have a good time. (After the exodus, the same land became productive because the Chosen People had become faithful to their father Abraham). For the rest read Bible.

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