2/12/2012 -- Severe Weather brewing in South USA -- winter storm coming to midwest

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If you live in (or know some one who lives in) Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, North Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia ---- let them know severe weather may be heading to their area over the next 24-48 hours. Most likely the next 24 hours. Damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes most likely will break out AHEAD of the coming winter weather in the midwest --- midwest states such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and even Texas --- these areas have winter weather warnings issued for the next day from now 1pm CST 2/12/2012 . Always have a severe weather plan of action. Supplies for a few days without power -- warm winter gear, communications, transportation, and of course food and water on hand. be safe! links to monitor the coming severe weather are here USA and world coverage: sincedutch.wordpress.com dutch ====================== Funding the operation: ** DONATION OPTION ** PLEASE help if you can ! The help of the INDIVIDUAL viewer is indeed needed !!! As you can see on my websites I have no advertisements, sponsors, and am not selling any products. In exchange for no corporate backing... I have provided simple and secure link to give a donation: www.paypal.com All my work is free for sharing TV, Radio, and print all done for free ! This is a GOOD THING ! MANY THANKS for thinking about helping - and special thanks to those who have helped in the past !

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