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  • Pnf777
  • uploaded: Feb 13, 2012
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  • Gazoo#

    Gazoo February 22, 2012 3:50:13 AM CET

    I believe that was Charlie Chaplin doing he famous Hitler Parody, but Im not sure if that was his voice. I too echo his feelings on this mater despite that fact I cant spell, or orate, or dance, or sing, or get good deals at expensive clothing stores,or pick fine wines with cheesy names, or be sexy and I know it. Damb Im depressed now. thanks, Thanks alot..

  • Knowthetruth1#

    Knowthetruth1 February 21, 2012 3:40:53 AM CET

    Actually things are going to get worse!People are waking up to the real state of the world, seeing how bad it really is & are looking for answers, instead of being entertained & distracted by the mass media of films, music, TV etc.However, there is hope!!The history of all things has been foretold from beginning to end in the Bible by God, through His prophets, in order that when it comes to pass, we will know that it is the truth. Please watch this Bible prophecy & history - recent events lecture study series, that exposes what has been going on through history upto this point, even until the end of time. People are exposed by their own words.TOTAL ONSLAUGHT MINI SERIEShttp://amazingdiscoveries.tv/c/3/Total_Onslaught_-_Mini_Series/ For a more in-depth study, please watch TOTAL ONSLAUGHThttp://amazingdiscoveries.tv/c/2/Total_Onslaught_-_English/

  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith February 21, 2012 12:31:47 AM CET

    the only way Earth can save its self from it's self is if a disease springs up that kills off sociopaths. Never happen. In all of history the guys that run everything were always monsters- by their very nature they always rise to the top and they have no regard for people or the environment. There really is no hope- its just a matter of time before they kill us all off.

  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith February 21, 2012 12:26:24 AM CET

    there is a reason for this. Sociopaths of the high intelligence and megalomaniac verity always aspire to reach the top- simply put, scum floats to the top. As long as we have sociopaths we will have leaders without a conscience. This is why I know humanity will screw its self into a hole and self destruct. Why would ETs want to get involved with us?

  • Moodycat#

    Moodycat February 20, 2012 10:16:06 PM CET

    What's with the Hitlerian parody - irony? Nice sentiment, but it requires political action to avert armageddon. Try Avaaz for a start. Start lobbying your government through online petitions, for the benefit of your friends and family.

  • Dougnick#

    Dougnick February 20, 2012 5:14:40 PM CET

    unfortunately the only thing wrong with this speech was that it mentions to do these things in the name of democracy....we have seen where that has gotten us!

  • Quincy#

    Quincy February 20, 2012 11:21:13 AM CET

    I've seen this a hundred times and I still choke when I see it. If only...Thanks.

  • Devilduce#

    Devilduce February 20, 2012 6:55:30 AM CET

    President is only a tv puppet for the real monsters that lurk below he takes his orders from a few very very very rich and powerful assholes they need to be brought into the light and shot in front of the world to see then we all can start to live again. fear is control we need to stop it!

  • Devilduce#

    Devilduce February 20, 2012 6:47:09 AM CET

    With all the bs ive seen on here this is 1 that has hope a good feeling for us but face the fact that the ugly people of the world will never see this nor care if they did but all we can do is hope for change before its too late Thanks for the great post.

  • Drcassiel#

    Drcassiel February 15, 2012 8:45:59 PM CET

    Thanks! I love it! Why we don't have a president like this in US?

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