Scottsdale Man Claims To Have Cure For Morgellons

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"SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A mysterious skin illness , affecting thousands of women in America, causes terrible pain and horrible skin lesions in its victims. Now, a Scottsdale man believes he has a cure.

"It sounds like science fiction, but we have a 100-percent recovery rate," said Omar Amin, Ph.D.

Amin is the director of the Parasitology Center in Scottsdale.
Patients affected by this illness, described as Morgellons, are flocking to him since he is a parasitologist. These patients feel like there are bugs or parasites crawling all over their skin.

"You know you have something, you can feel it," said Stacy Hillman.
Hillman traveled from Los Angeles to visit Amin in December after she and her husband estimated they had spent $50,000 on medical expenses trying to determine what was wrong with her.

She said several doctors told her there was nothing wrong.
"To have thousands, hundreds of thousands of microscopic bugs crawling on your face, that's what it feels like," she said.

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an in-depth report that states doctors cannot find a cause for the condition, and that medical professionals do not believe there are actually any parasites on the skin. It's called 'delusional infestation.'

"It had me wondering," said Hillman's husband, Jeff. "Is my wife crazy?"
Amin, to some extent, agrees with the CDC report.

Amin said, "There are no parasites, but how can you look at a beautiful person with unusual skin and tell them they're delusional?"

Amin believes Hillman is part of a small group of individuals who have a highly allergic reaction to a certain toxin that, at some point, was introduced into her body.

He believes the toxin is affecting the nerves which give the illusion of microscopic bugs crawling on the skin. It also can cause damage to skin in the form of bumps or lesions, which can then be exacerbated by scratching, he said."

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