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2/13/2012 Alert ! 110 CPM in the SNOW - St. Louis, Missouri AVOID EXPOSURE

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Feb 14, 2012
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update 950pm CST 2/13/2012 -- convert CPM to uS/v or mS/v here: quote: "For those who prefer to use Sieverts, 108 CPM is about 1 uSv/hr for C060, and for Cs137 it is around 120 CPM per 1 uSv/hr. " This means my test @ 110CPM = 1 uS/v per hour. Which means 24 uS/v per day .... 24 uS/v per day X 365 days in a year = 8760 uS/v per year !!! That is roughly 8.5 mS/v per year -- which equals about spending over an hour at chernobyl !! (that is per the PBS site below). We are coming up on one year from Fukushima -- if these levels continue it means we ALL spent over an hour at chernobyl if the levels carry on for a full year !!!!! thats the rough math --- this is NOT good news. how much radiation is too much? here is a chart to see: I have done subsequent measurements OUTSIDE in the snow directly -- 73.8 CPM over 10 Minutes.. and another test at approx. 62CPM. In total.. three tests.. 110CPM, 62CPM, and 74CPM. These are HIGH levels.. 100CPM is alert level.. so the first count actually falls under "ALERT level".. second two readings fall in the "HIGH" category. Past baseline measurements in the same spot were an average of 20-30CPM. --- I am now (500pm CST) collecting snow for several hours -- will melt the snow -- and take tests -- also will EVAPORATE the snow and take readings on the residue. Again.. a straight test returns a VERY high reading @ 110CPM -- these are just the preliminary tests -- I cannot leave the equipment outside in the snow ...

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