Israel Bombs Its Own Embassy and Blames it on Iran

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The Bilzerian Report: (News Commentary)

An Israeli embassy car was bombed in India today. Israel immediately blamed the attack on the Iranians, although they had absolutely no credible evidence to substantiate the claim. Unfortunately for Israel, a witness saw a motorcyclist attach a magnetic bomb to the car, which was the exact same manner of attack that Israel used to kill an Iranian scientist a few months ago. Every single detail of the two attacks was identical right down to the bomb used and the method of delivery.

This is certainly not the first time Israel has used a false flag operation to draw America into a war with Iran. Initially Israel tried to stage an ill-conceived assassination attempt on a Saudi ambassador to the United States in order to blame Iran. The American media, of course, toed the Israeli line and expressed outrage at the Iranians without ever examining the facts of the case. The evidence was so ludicrous that the international community mocked Israel and America for the obvious ploy. After the recent attack the American media again expressed their "outrage" at the Iranians, while the world laughed at the obvious propaganda.

This pattern of false flag attacks dates back all the way back to 1967, when Israel purposefully attacked an American navy ship, the USS Liberty, with the intention of murdering every sailor on board and then blaming the attack on Egypt so America would enter the Israeli-Arab War. Israel thought that this "hostile action by Egypt" would get America to change its neutral status on the Israeli-Arab war and form an alliance with Israel to defeat its neighbors. Unfortunately for Israel, a few survivors managed to radio the US command that Israel had attacked them.

In the modern day equivalent to the USS Liberty attack, the FBI concluded that Israel must have had knowledge of the terrorist plot on Sept. 11, 2001 and failed to warn the US because they wanted our support in the Middle East. To substantiate this, 5 Mossad (Israeli CIA) agents were actually caught filming the attacks and then celebrating afterwards. In addition, Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netenyahu said, "We are benefitting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq." He also said, "these events have swung American public opinion in our favor." Either the Israeli government knew the attacks were going to take place and failed to warn us or they had a hand in plotting them, but either way they are culpable.

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