Indian Culture and the importance of Gold.

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Indian Culture and the importance of Gold.

It's a damn shame that this 60 minutes reporter is fundamentally retarded.

7:50 Bryon Pitts: Most Indians believe that the value of gold will keep increasing... But the reality is it can’t right? At some point it will slow down, it will stop, it will god forbid lose some value yes?

Gargi Shah: (desperately tries to not burst out into laughter then looks at him with pity... and thinks to herself you poor stupid American.) Try explaining that to an Indian. (audibly chuckles at stupid American) It’s impossible to tell an Indian consumer that the Gold prices will fall tomorrow because there is such a strong belief and this belief has been backed by its own performance.

Byron if your reading this watch this short cartoon

to help unfux your brain. I'd reccomend Money Masters

but it's 3.5 hours long and something tells me you won't invest the time.

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Well firstly, because she mindlessly reads from a teleprompter. Secondly, because she said that Gold is backed by nothing and that the dollar is backed by the Federal Reserve. When in reality the Federal Reserve is nothing (a corporate fiction if you will), and Gold is backed by its intrinsic value as precious metal.

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India's Love Affair With Gold

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February 12, 2011 - "No gold, no wedding," is a saying in India, indicating the importance of gold to Indian culture and tradition. Byron Pitts reports on India's obsession with gold.

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