134 Billion Dollars Siezed At Italian Boarder !

Fox news is the only news reporting this!

Come on guys, CNN/ABC/CBS/ABC! Where are you on this! Why is this not making font page headlines!

This could crash the dollar!

If the bonds are fake, then who/what country is trying to pawn off fake US bonds?
If the bonds are real! even worse! who/what country is trying to get out of their US dollars? and for what?

Original Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttSmZknU9mI&feature=player_embedded

Notice that Beck says FOX contacted the Treasury Department about this case, and received an official blow-off letter in response -- basically saying they had "no comment" on this 134 billion dollars in US bonds, seized at the Italian border, as it was "evidence in an ongoing investigation."

Beck then goes on to put up the numbers of which countries hold the largest numbers of US bonds. In order, they are China at 763.5 billion, Japan at 685.9 billion, the United Kingdom at 152.8 billion, Russia at 137.0 billion and Brazil at 126.0 billion.

Based on the public, unclassified numbers, 134.5 billion dollars in US bonds could only have been produced by Russia, the UK, Japan or China... no one else. The amount of money is so huge that if Russia produced it, they would only have 2.5 billion dollars in US bonds left over!

Joe Wiesenthal, the editor of BusinessInsider.com, said that whether this was a government dumping its bonds or a counterfeit operation, it was "gigantic" in scope and "unlike anything we've ever seen -- not just in size but also in sophistication."

According to Wiesenthal, in order to counterfeit these bonds, "it would be the kind of technology you would expect only a government to have." Wiesenthal also believes the 1934 issuance date on the bonds suggests they may be elaborate forgeries.

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