Diamond-Shaped UFO Recorded Over Turkey

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Diamond-Shaped UFO Recorded Over Turkey

Tracey Parece
Unexplained Phenomena Examiner

A diamond-shaped UFO was spotted over the country of Turkey yesterday. This unidentified flying

object was recorded on video. The UFO video is grainy and poor quality, but it does show a strange

anomaly glowing in the darkness.

Latest UFO Sightings reported: "This unidentified flying object was recorded in the sky above

Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey on Saturday, 11th February 2012."

The UFO seemed to be shaped like a diamond or arrowhead. It appeared green in color on the video,

but it isn't clear whether that was its actual color. The low quality video itself may be to blame

for the UFO's green appearance.

The video lasts nearly eight minutes. During that time, there are close-ups and long shots of the

UFO. The close-ups reveal what appears to be a bubble shaped enclosure or fuselage on the

unidentified flying object.

The person who recorded the unidentified flying object posted a message on YouTube offering his

services in making a UFO movie with "a very famous director." He wants to make a movie called My 12

Years With Aliens.

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