Book-2 Readership:-First Gnostic Principles are le

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Book-2 Readership:- First Gnostic Principles are learnt through logical reasoning by living in spirit people.
I am revising my Book, FIRST GNOSTIC PRINCIPLES OF ONE GOD ONE FAITH and the whole Book is on my website
Please refer to my Book for the relevant descriptions.


If Gospel could be written down in ink on paper, then Christ Jesus need not Preach it in Parables.
Parables are puzzles that the simple once-born people cannot understand and solve. You must be capable of thinking beyond the simple letters otherwise Gospel could have been for everyone. Books everyone can read but there are very FEW of discerning intellect who would like to know the hidden meaning behind the Parables. Take for example, the Parable of the Prodigal son in which father is Abraham, elder son is Ishmael, the Arab people and the younger son is Isaac, the Chosen People. The whole story of Exodus is locked in this Parable.
I go to Oxford University where you get the top quality theologians of letters and they express no interest in my expositions. These University theologians are like the Jerusalem theologians who were reading Torah and other holy books, Scriptures, that Christ Jesus would come in line of King David but very few recognised Jesus to be the Christ. Whereas the Gentiles were not given the Torah or Scriptures but they relied upon common sense and their laws were written over their living hearts and not the dead Law Books. When Christ Jesus went to a Samaritan village, even their woman engaged Jesus in a very deep discussions and vetted Him to be a Prophet. She further proclaimed when Christ will come, he will explain us everything in details. So, who is better? The Jerusalem theologians of the letters or the Samaritan woman of spirit?
I put this question to the Oxford University theologians whether they would like the company of the Jerusalem theologians or the Samaritan Woman who had Five Husbands that you call a prostitute marrying one husband after the other? The answer was that they prefer Jerusalem theologians knowing very well that the Samaritans are of good character and morality than the Jewish people. This Woman and her whole family became Apostles and she was known as St.Photina, a Christ, who was murdered by Emperor Nero mercilessly. As the Jews hate Samaritans, so the Messianic Jews painted a dark picture of her. Those Five husbands are well-known in Sikhism and I have explained them well in my Youtube videos.
These Universities are producing dead in spirit men of letters who even do not know that the Church of England headed by Queen, the defender of faith, has nothing to do with God as she is the head of Mammon in Great Britain. So, these COE people egoistically proclaim to belong to this high church and blindly call Jesus a Lord, God, etc whereas in Jesus, we have One Father and Christ Jesus is our anointed Elder Brother, the Son, the Bridegroom, Who is with us in our Bridal Chambers, the hearts to guide our lives. Thus, we honour our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus, Who introduced to us our Father God from whom the Rabbis kept us alienated.
Thus, Gospel is by the grace of our Father and in this Book you will know things which no Book can tell you. So, you need to be spiritually alive aloof from the Books otherwise you would be tempted to rely upon the dead Books that cannot answer your questions. Christ in your heart would answer all your questions.
Let us glorify our Father Allah in honour of our Bridegroom Christ Jesus and enjoy His company in our VERY hearts.

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