Immortality Could Soon Be Reality? 2012

Technologies today could allow the next generation to live up to 150, but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long? More than just possible as some aging experts believe scientific breakthroughs will mean babies born today will live more than 100 years. Geriatrician Dr. Joyce Fogel says medical advances have already made a huge difference. "There was a time when people didn't live to older age because they died from the flu. We're doing much better. In 1900, when somebody was born, they were expected to live to the age of 50," she said. Scientists are making huge advances in the lab, growing new organs from adult human stem cells, creating body parts with 3D printers, and using gene therapy to successfully treat diseases like blindness and leukemia. And that's not all. Doctors have already doubled the lifespan of a worm. "The hope is that we could make a drug that would replicate in humans so that it would allow humans to stay young longer as well," Dr. Cynthia Kenyon said. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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