Woodley Chemtrails 16 February 2012

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Worst spray day for a long time... Permission pending from Rense.com and Military flight web sites: for the text and images of the Omega tankers. It appears that on the chemtrails CCF bulletin board there is much concern about the HAARP system and its relationship to chemtrails techniques. The HAARP system is a high powered PWM transmitter and phased array antenna system. It is about experiments on the upper layers of the ionosphere. Some of the experiments look into its use as a deep penetration communications system for nuclear subs, some of the experiments look into changing the ion density and reaction rates of pollutants in the upper atmosphere, and some is aimed at understanding conduction effects in the ion layers. Where does this all lead? Some of the more interesting directions are towards some of the work of Tesla, ie, where he suggested recovering energy from the atmosphere and some special high energy weapons. Tesla was into high voltage and atmospheric effects. It is not hard to notice what Tesla's objectives were about, collecting the Sun's energy stored in the atmosphere. He noted that the atmosphere tends to collect a lot of charge from the electrons entering the North Pole zones and Protons entering the South Pole. If one could harness this charge then one would have almost unlimited clean electric power, almost direct from the Sun. This would eliminate the problems with coal emissions poisoning the planet, solve the extreme risks associated with the ...

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