2/14/2012 -- 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan -- 80 miles south of Fukushima

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Full website post here with the links you will need to monitor this obvious earthquake unrest globally: sincedutch.wordpress.com A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off shore of Honshu Japan yet again 80 miles south of Fukushima nuclear reactor. In approx. one hour the fukushima camera will be updated on youtube in which we will most likely see definite shaking at the plant. NO tsunami warning issued. Here are the official USGS statistics for the earthquake: earthquake.usgs.gov ------------ Funding the operation: ** DONATION OPTION ** PLEASE help if you can ! The help of the INDIVIDUAL viewer is indeed needed !!! As you can see on my websites I have no advertisements, sponsors, and am not selling any products. In exchange for no corporate backing... I have provided simple and secure link to give a donation: www.paypal.com All my work is free for sharing TV, Radio, and print all done for free ! This is a GOOD THING ! MANY THANKS for thinking about helping - and special thanks to those who have helped in the past !

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