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2/17/2012 -- Honey Bees and flowers in winter -- SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG -- St. Louis Missouri


February 17, 2012 -- winter in the midwest United States -- most of us have noticed or heard people talking about this "warm winter" the United States is experiencing. Today -- blossoming flowers and buzzing honey bees !!! In St. Louis Missouri USA in February . Keep in mind, flowers and bees in a place where February NORMALLY produces negative fahrenheit temperatures -- frozen rivers and lakes. The north pole has shifted northwest into Siberia -- warmer latitudes have moved northwest along with the pole... bringing unnaturally (unseasonably) warm weather further north along with this change. Read more on the north pole shift to siberia russia here: sincedutch.wordpress.com The USDA has issued NEW growing guidelines based upon this "new" warm weather.... according to the Department of Agriculture.. plants that used to grow in New Orleans will now grow in northern latitudes hundreds of miles further north... in areas like missouri-- kentucky -- north carolina . This is per the US Government , not a wild unfounded rumor. Here is the post on the USDA new growing guidelines: sincedutch.wordpress.com ===================== Funding the operation: ** DONATION OPTION ** PLEASE help if you can ! The help of the INDIVIDUAL viewer is indeed needed !!! As you can see on my websites I have no advertisements, sponsors, and am not selling any products. In exchange for no corporate backing... I have provided simple and secure link to give a donation: www.paypal.com All my work is free ...

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  • Tim19#

    Tim19 February 18, 2012 4:27:49 PM CET

    Good capture. I live in illinois by ohare airport. Ive also noticed this. Check out the trees for buds they are all over.Even some of my potted plants that were outside all winter have green leaves on them after our last small snow fall. Good post and thanks.

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