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Electric Cars Cause More Pollution

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Tired of the hype electric cars are getting for being efficient?
Well—you're in luck.
TIME reports a recent study by the University of Tennessee says eco-friendly drivers are actually meaner in most cases.

The study found that—in terms of air pollution—electric cars aren't completely in the clear when you look at how the electricity is generated. One of the researchers says...

"If we compare gasoline car emissions to electric car emissions, the electric cars look very, very bad... So the point is that you have to consider the emissions exposure when the exposure source is far apart—the electrical power plant as opposed to the tailpipe of a car."

So if they aren't effecting the environment on the road, how big of a deal could it be? About as big as China where the study was conducted. Here's Autoline Daily—

"That's because of about 85% of China's electricity comes from coal, and coal is dirtier than gasoline."

So what's giving the cars such a green image? VP of communications at The Electrification Coalition tells US News and World Report—

"Coal accounts for only about half of American electric power, while cleaner natural gas and nuclear energy accounts for about 20 percent each. Because America depends less on coal for its electricity, electric cars [are] a more appealing option here..."

Takepart.com reports the "earth-friendly" engines create 3.6 times more emissions per passenger than gasoline-dependent cars and while their wheels may be dirtier—There's still a reason to support them.

"As countries continue to decarbonize their electricity grid and move towards renewables, EVs are only going to get better for the environment. In the meantime, they're doing exactly what they were designed for: to give us an alternative to gasoline-fueled vehicles."

But a writer for Arbiter Online says that's not good enough.

"If society truly wants to be responsible it should look at every option, and not just blindly accept electric automobiles as the only answer. They are a great first step, but this shouldn't be where the quest should end for viable alternatives."

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