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2/18/2012 -- Possible Tornadoes in Puerto Rico - Tornadoes in south USA -- LA, MS, AL, FL

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Feb 19, 2012
  • Hits: 234

No Bueno! (not good) 608pm cst Feb. 18, 2012 : UPDATE = tornado watches extended about 50 miles off shore of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida--- ocean tornadoes.. not water spouts.. actual possible OCEAN TORNADOES ! Puerto Rico now showing a detection of possible tornadoes --- also south USA -- Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina --- either have already been struck by this severe weather, or are in line to be hit tonight. States already hit: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. States to be hit: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee (possibly not as severe the further north the storm travels) . Along the front edge of this storm.. in the states named above .. a line of strong cell thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and damaging hail has broken out. Be aware of the developing situation -- use the links below to monitor the conditions for your specific area: Dozens of links to monitor severe weather, and weather patterns around the world: http http socc.caps ...

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