2/18/2012 -- Be Aware -- ANOTHER line of severe storms breaking out - TX, LA, AR, MS, AL, TN

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The low pressure system which pressed severe weather across the south USA today (2/18/2012) -- has now formed a 2nd line of storms behind the original storm front which is now moving eastward over Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. Behind the first line of tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail ---- the low pressure system is turning east / northeast .. forming a new line of strong cells through east Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Hopefully the first front of storms cooled things down enough to lessen the blow of this low pressure system as it turns north east -- but the current line of storms breaking out in Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas leads me to think this will break out into ANOTHER line of tornadoes and damaging winds further north ---- in Arkansas, Tennessee, and AGAIN in louisiana / mississippi. Be aware that the first line of storms today is not the end of this system ! More severe is on its way to different spots, and several of the same spots as earlier today. All the links you will need to monitor this outbreak are at this link below - as well as screenshots of the next line of storms breaking out: sincedutch.wordpress.com Be safe! And pay heed to any actual warnings issued for your area. ==dutch== ------------------------------------------

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