2/13/2012 -- 2nd radiation test = HIGH LEVELS in snow -- 74CPM -- St. Louis, Missouri

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Special thanks to International Medcom for the 'Inspector Alert' digital geiger counter (on the right in the video). www.medcom.com . Also, Thanks to my viewers back in March 2011 -- who donated to get the other set of geiger counters !!! Count returning between 74cpm and 110cpm.. normal levels are 20-30cpm (as indicated by past tests done at the same location). Several of my viewers already know , but if you're a new viewer please understand , I TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY THE REPORT OF HIGH LEVELS !! I drove across the country from North Carolina to Washington State taking readings after Fukushima Japan (over the summer 2011)... watch those videos here: www.youtube.com mostly LOW LEVELS were detected across the country. I reported low levels and told people things were "fine".. quote me .. "come to the west coast things look fine". I reported that indeed LEVELS WERE LOW -- at the time -- nothing I could detect along these levels except in Colorado at 5000 feet near granite rocks... I always said, If I get a high reading I will Test and retest it to make sure its not an anomaly or incorrect -- thats why I have three geiger counters now and take multiple 10 minute readings. So for me to take the time to report high levels, in the face of saying things were LOW back in June/July -- AFTER TAKING DOZENS OF READINGS ACROSS THE COUNTRY .. I don't take this responsibility lightly. I have to put this information out and let you decide for yourself IF you want to take the risk. It pains ...

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