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WW3: Your last 26 days of life... (Webbot Clif High) March 2012


posted February 6, 2012 by clif high (edited with audio commentary by Lyndon LaRouche)

Your last 26 days of life...

On March 2, 2012, the zionists (isreali mossad and cia agents) who are the stooges of the central banksters, will attack an American naval ship (as they did with the USS Liberty).

They will try to sink this ship with a huge loss of life of American sailors.

They will pretend to be Iranians to make you mad at Iran.

They intend to provoke officialdom in the US and Russia and China into killing us all.

Much of officialdom (masons, illuminati, agents of rome (opus dei et al), zionists) are in on this false flag attack, and their fervent hope for WAR to end your life, and the lives of over ONE BILLION other humans (your relatives on this planet).

So much of humanity on this planet has been made crazy by the rothchilds/rockefellers and all the priests/potentates and other assholes who put themselves on top of us all by lying and cheating and murder.

They plan on yet another fucking great war to kill off as many of us as they can.

If they succeed, and the war is created;

no more taxes will i pay ever to anyone.

no more of their laws will i obey.

if i survive the smoking, nuclear wasteland that will be the west coast of the USofA and most of earth, and there are any of the former central banksters and their masters alive, i will swear the remnant of my life to bringing them to justice. And i know what that means, even if the psychopathic pedofilic fucktards do not.

My message to them...all of officialdom is simple....you know fear. You live on the fear of others. Now it is your turn.

Fear us now.

We know you now.

Your names are recorded.

Your lives are in our hands.

Killing billions of us only convinces the rest that we have nothing left to lose.

You taught us to fear you.

Now the fear is gone, only hate remains.

Fear us now.

Or we come for you later.

posted February 6, 2012 by clif high


ALERT! Brink of WW3?

Thermonuclear WAR will happen SUDDENLY (Extinction Level Event) 2012


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  • Onesojourner#

    Onesojourner February 29, 2012 5:09:06 AM CET

    Copy & paste (SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 27, 2011) on GOOGLE SEARCH, you'll found our world leaders, military groups, & support staff were at strategic locations & all of them near the Deep Underground Military BaseS. Note: September was the 9th month, & 2011 ... 9/11 ... oh no ... again? (See all those people with open schedules on this date in question.)Winsor's, Obama, Hillary, German Chancellor, that Ratzinger of a Pope, & etc. So did our wonderful NWO leaders already have it planned to leave us in the Mad Max, WW III scenario??? Did they get foiled??? Remember the August 23 & 24 th reported earthquakes in Washington & Colorado? (Maybe they weren't just earthquakes or nuclear strikes.) Look up (TOLEC INTERVIEWS) he says our alien friends from the Andromeda Council imploded them. (And I say: Before the NWO could do their dirty deed & now the NWO is stuck on the surface with us ... ???) You don't have to believe what I'm wondering about but ... check out that date ... cause it's mighty suspicious. (This doesn't mean they won't try again ... ya think?) QUESTION: Who do you know who's powerful enough to stop the NWO & America's best military in the world? (None of us sheep ... I'm sure.) Decide for yourself, I'm just trying to help. (And like the rest of you, I'm trying to figure this mess out too.) Peace ...

  • Royalspin#

    Royalspin February 28, 2012 8:14:57 AM CET

    A quick fact check.The U.S.S. Enterprise is due for a refit not decommission.The information is freely available through the US Naval Dept for all to see.We have grown paranoid to the point of hysteria seeking conspiracy theories in everything and there are those out there who enjoy pushing our buttons a little too much.My attitude is to be prepared and be wise and most important be calm.There isn't much the average person can do but wait and see.This isn't to say you shouldn't be vigilant,just not scared.Stock up like your expecting a major earthquake to knock out power, water, etc which is something we should all be thinking of anyways .Other than that try and enjoy your life knowing your prepared for whatever emergency either man made or by nature comes your way.

  • Inkling#

    Inkling February 27, 2012 10:15:23 PM CET

    I suspect that the false flag attack will be on the USS Enterprise---it has one more deployment before decommissioning. Its a hell of a cheaper (in monetary terms) to have her sunk than to decommission her, plus it will give Obama (or his masters) the excuse to start/ continue WW3. Either her or USS Nimitz.

  • Michael777#

    Michael777 February 27, 2012 12:22:05 AM CET

    They need to fan the fires of war, so they can present to you their 'man of peace' under a global government. He's right at the door.. He's the false Christ, and they want to force a 'god of forces' 'alien gospel' on you. Just stay tuned.. and don't be afraid of these lying fools, their end is coming.

  • Aelfred#

    Aelfred February 26, 2012 11:33:42 PM CET

    I am sorry to inform you but WW3 started on September 11 2001. Since that day peoples liberties have been slowly taken away under the threat of the enemy err I mean terrorist. Speech has been curtailed to such a point that the Americans cannot have phone calls without being monitored and lots of other countless restrictions which are akin to WW2. So WW3 has been going a little under 11 years.

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