2/22/2012 -- Tornado Warnings in Tennesse -- severe weather outbreak in TN, VA, AL, KY

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If you know someone in these states listed.. let them know the possibility of severe weather exists.. and in some cases, tornadoes are being detected. The National Weather Service has issued tornado WARNINGS (not just a tornado 'watch' anymore) for central Tennessee --- this means either an actual spotted tornado, a funnel cloud, or rotation. The detected tornado(s) are heading east / northeast towards the general area of Knoxville Tennessee. Hail and damaging winds detected in Virginia -- reaching in a diagonal line southwest towards north central Alabama. Watch the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia for severe weather through this evening into late night. links to monitor this severe weather are below: : www.intellicast.com radar.weather.gov weather.cod.edu www.intelliweather.com weather.unisys.com www.eldoradocountyweather.com http nmq.ou.edu wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov www.srh.noaa.gov www.inmet.gov.br weather.rap.ucar.edu www.srh.noaa.gov cirrus.sprl.umich.edu vortex.plymouth.edu www.accuweather.com http www.atmos.washington.edu www.stormsurfing.com www.weather.com weather.engin.umich.edu www.woweather.com www.goes.noaa.gov livewxradar.com socc.caps.ou.edu www.weather.gov http www.inmet.gov.br www.met.hu www.meteoradar.ch www.metoffice.gov.uk www.t-online.de www.ndbc.noaa.gov www.baynews9.com www.tornadoalleylive.com www.nrlmry.navy.mil ----------------------------------------- Funding the operation ...

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