RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America (#OccupyWallSt) - extended version

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Rap News, Episode 7: before there was #OccupyWallStreet there was #OccupyWisconsin. It's 2011 and amid a flurry of political leaks and revelations, revolutions have rolled across North Africa and The Middle East. Join your host Robert Foster for long overdue analysis of these events, asking the question that's on everyone's lips -- where will revolution spark next? But when a news flash comes in from a special embedded correspondent, the episode takes an unprecedented turn, as that very question is answered in dramatic fashion. How will the world treat the latest courageous country to throw off the yoke of oppression? Is any cow sacred in this time of massive upheaval? Can there be any doubt that History Is Happening?


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BEAT: 'Stand Clear' by M.O.P. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDxbKk-YNcE

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