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Spy Grid Society, Elite Pedophile Scandals, Iran, Evolving Tech, and More with Jason Bermas


  • Lorents#

    Lorents February 24, 2012 2:12:29 AM CET

    jason berman changed his last name to bermas because he doesn't want people to know he is a jew. zionists learned how to be jews from the orthodox jews, many centuries ago, so the khazars could do all the dirtywork for the orthodox jews, the real enemies of humanity. but i'd rather have these orthodox jews directing the zionist banks, mass media, and corporations of all types, all owned by major zionist players, than to have the muslims controlling the world. those people are openly brutal to their people. at least the jews create a system where people think they are free, instead of knowing they are not free, like the muslim system. so keep spreading 'democracy, lol' to the enslaved world, you shvatvas.

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