Free Energy Device out of Africa tested & ready for the market

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Feb 24, 2012
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Radio Nsearch Breaks Biggest Story in 100 Years! Free Energy is Here NOW!

Last night on February 22nd, Radio Nsearch fulfilled a promise we made to our listeners since the very beginning - to bring out the details of the first working free energy device that the average user can afford. I'm very happy to say, "WE DID IT BABY!" Free Energy is here NOW and nobody is going to stop it this time! Radio Nsearch has done what the US Department of Energy couldn't do with a $24 billion a year budget and over 250,000 employees! We've located a free energy device in production now that can power your home for free!
Here's the show we did with Sterling Allan on this INCREDIBLE free energy device being produced now in South Africa!
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