ARE the ROTHSCHILDS Behind Assassinations of USA Presidents - JFK Assassination

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JFK was not murdered by Cuba's Castro, nor the NY Mafia, the Prime Reason 4 JFK assassination, lay with the plans of the BankGangsters of NY Federal Reserve Bank. Who has controlled the US Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. [and strongly influenced the BAR Associations of America,] Just a few months before Nov. 22, 1963 murder of JFK, the President had ordered june 1963 minting of "standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,"
Jim Marrs and others have written the Fed was behind the JFK Assassination, and recent events of and since 911 support that view. The Silver dollars were not minted until May 1965, with the 1964 {D} mint mark, but soon allegedly they were all melted down. The Rothschild / Rockefeller cabal of criminal InterNational bankers wanted total fiat currency ONLY, and completely under their control. By 1968 Silver was removed completely from coins of USA,

The Criminal Conspiracy of the Banking elite on Jekyll Island, before the 1913 treason, which lead to the
creation of the UnConstitutional Federal Reserve BAnk, was complete. American policy now would be dictated by Bankers , centered mostly in Europe.
America had become enslaved as the Viet Nam War esculated with a $300 million debt, which caused Pres. Nixon to temp impose a price freeze and a tax of 10% on top of taxes to try to regain a balanced budget,... but with spendaholics in Congress there was never again a serious attempt to have a
"balanced budget" fullly funded. And none of this history is taught in High School.

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