2/25/2012 -- Severe weather possible outbreak in South USA = LA, MS, AL, TX be alert

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UPDATE: storm is now being pulled east across the gulf of mexico.. south of Louisiana.. Florida and Georgia are now the only two states that may receive severe weather.. this is good news that the storm died out as it came into the colder air in the south USA -- lets hope it stays as such. 2/25/2012 @ 1pm CST -- South Texas (houston texas into west Louisiana) is seeing a line of strong cells begin to break out along the coast. The possibility exists that as this line of storms passes over Louisiana.. heading north east towards Mississippi, and Alabama --- that damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes may develop. It could be cold enough to kill this storm as it passed north--- lets hope this is what pans out. Be alert just in case ! These past several storms (over the past several weeks) have produced fairly large outbreaks of damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes. This year is fixing up to be more active than last year by the looks of things.. compare this years (jan and feb 2012) tornadoes to LAST year --- I think you'll see an increase in activity. Be safe and heed any actual warnings from the big dogs at the NWS. We know they only issue alerts when a tornado is literally coming down out of the sky... no current timed watches issued yet... so if/when the NWS does issue a "watch" or a full blown "warning"... take it seriously. [fyi: tornado watch = be alert for possibility of tornadoes ...... tornado WARNING = tornadoes spotted damaging winds detected ] Im here just ...

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