cold fusion of jerusalem's 2011 u.f.o. godo island

jerusalem's 2011 march u.f.o. that appeeared over biblical dome of the rock ON MARCH IN 2011 reveals its godo island under ground alien temple hypogena style domed cieling cold fusiaon data it is also seen as a spherical dome within the cieling of an cinet hypogena style underground alien temple chamberwithin the malta island of godo we see this spherical cold fussion typr data relating to 3 concentrict concreete circles that supports its sphericial dome shaped as the cieling of this under ground godo island alien hypogena chamber who's wall lines are seen connecting toits cieling dome in a straight pie line that is connected to its wall blocks the over rall image is that of the mercator projections as seen within the giza pyramid of khufu queenschamber the godo wall mercator projections gives its 3 concenyrict ciling circles their geographic longitud & lattitude data where we see the globed earth hydrogen light circle as the center of the hypogena chamber dome88 in this discovery we see real solr hydrogen flwing through this dome 88 shape which uncvers the rsssian -ru11 under water u.f.o. as having the same 3 concentrict circles but because of this ru11 underwater u.f.o. being damaged instead of seeing a glowing ball of rotaing magnetic hydrogen light we see a black circular holeupon the exsposed upper surface of the under water u.f.o. that was being salvaged as hwon here with millitary war ships less then 40 feet away from its underwater image the ru11 u.f.o. has the same 3 concentrict circles as seen supporting the domee 88 structure within the godo island underground hypogena chamber off the coast of italy and my u.f.o. break through concering the dome 88 to be a scale model of the globed earth northern hemisphere as it is seen channeling glowing hydrogen light as a u.f.o. propulsion stram came with the discovery of the actual upclose image of the under belly surface o film footage of the march 2011 jerusalem temple u.f.o. where we see the same 3 concentrict circles as shown in the godo island hypogena chamber and upon the top surface of the ru11 under water u.f.o. that seemed to be missing its spherical glowing hydrogen light dome but when we compare the ru11 u.f.o. 3 concentrict rings to the march 2011 jerusalem temple u.f.o. we see a tetrahedral arrangement of 3 smaller spheres that are channeling broken magnetic field lines and reconnecting them through the 3 concemtrict circles frequncies when these broken magnetic fields are reconnected theeeeeeey appear within the center of the three concentrict circle below the jerusalem march 2011 u.f.o. as a glowing ball of hydrogen amgnetic light this particular light is made of 3 protons thatcauses the u.f.o. solid mass torepel infrared atmospheric radiation which allows the tetrahedral aligned smaller spheres displacement of broken magnetic field to discharged within the center of the3 concentrict circles as aglowing ball of magnetic hydrogen light which appears as a perfect sphere but this ball of hydrogen light has a continuos stream of ultraviolet radiation within its central mass which allows the rotating hydrogen sphere of light to be pulled by the gravitation of the element of pure black space the infrared repelling of the three concentrict u.f.o. rings is more gravitized to the corresponding longtitudinal lines where within the equatorial plane of planet earth's rotatingmagnetic fields lines we see a tetrahedral buringing of magnetic hydrogen light which appears as vortexes within the equatorial plane of planet earth as the van allen belt of radiation is pushed by the solar wind the newly created dome 88 shaped ball of hydrogen light is moved by the van allen belt of radiation

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