The International UFO Congress is in Town (Phoenix, AZ) thru Feb. 26...
To answer your question... Yes, I live in Arizona - Tucson, to be exact - not too far from Phoenix. But I won't be going out of my way to go to the IUFOC this year. I wouldn't turn it down, but I see no reason to go out of my way....

They are there to run a business and make money, which I can respect. However, all the information presented on UFOs at these conferences is the same old regurgitated attempts at reviving the mystique long enough to sell some sh*t while the convention is in town.

Its not unlike the Tucson Gem Show, tho the IUFOC leaves you with less cash and nothing new to show for it... meow :P

P.S. I know Jeff Willes :D Have done joint interviews with him twice. People figure two birds/one stone to interview him and myself at the same time. He's cool peeps for sure.

If you're looking for something fun, not to mention out of this world, you're invited to attend this year's international UFO congress.

Whether or not you believe there's life out there, these folks are in town to plead their case.

"You have this whole group of people who are here you get to socialize. You get to share ideas, you get to hear stories. It's a great place to come and soak it all in," said event organizer Jason McClellan.

Jeff Willes has been researching UFOs over the Valley for 25 years.

"There's definitely something we're getting on video, nobody's really sure what it is, but there's something there," said Willes.

The event features vendors selling everything from books and magazines to UFO documentaries and movies. A UFO film festival as well as guest speakers from all over the world are just a couple of the main attractions.

"It's always interesting to find out why they believe there's something to this. When they answer that question, that there are some very credible things out there," said organizer Alejandro Rojas.

We even caught up with a gentleman from Colorado, who says he's been a believer since age 6, when he was visited by extraterrestrials.

"I woke up in the morning, and I knew how to build a machine that would power itself, all based on counter-rotating magnetic fields," said believer Terence Danton.

You don't have to take his word for it. Decide for yourself. The event runs until Sunday at Fort McDowell Conference Center and is open to the public."

Check out these prices:

absurd!! lol!! I'd show up and talk about UFOs vs. Social Media for free in exchange for a couple day passes to the event :P they dont seem to be hip to the freshness, knaw'mean?

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