2/26/2012 -- Volcanic eruptions at Sakurajima Japan getting more powerful

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The cameras are obviously glitching out, but you still get several great shots of a few sizable eruptions from Sakurajima Volcano in south Japan. This volcano produces large eruptions on a daily or multiple times per day basis. The eruptions of lava are visually impressive --- and eruptions of ash like this are beginning to show the power this volcano actually has . The threat of a VERY LARGE eruption from this volcano still exists. Half way through last year (2011) the japanese agency which monitors this volcano raised the alert level for a possible large eruption with large damaging pyroclastic flows of ash/debris (up to multiple miles around the mountain). Imagine these ash eruptions (as seen in the video above).. on a larger scale... you can see how quickly the current clouds spread / travel --- so IF there was a HUGE eruption from Sakurajima --- it would literally be a matter of minutes before the cloud reached the cameras.. and only a few more minutes before the cloud were to reach population centers around the area. If you live in Japan, be aware that the PROFESSIONALS in Japan are watching this volcano for damaging output. mirrored with permission from: www.youtube.com

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