Jason Verbelli on The Hundredth Monkey Radio Feb 2

  • Uploaded by Tao2299 on Feb 27, 2012
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Jason Verbelli is an independent researcher, experimenter, philosopher and visionary.
His focus is the work of Walter Russell, Professor John Searl's technology, and suppressed / unconventional research ranging from cosmic energy, alternative medicines, the science of Spirituality and much more.

His uplifting ideology is unique and for the past 5 years has dedicated himself to presenting information that isn't mentioned anywhere in mainstream news or even many libraries.

Jason has been featured on multiple radio programs such as Dr. Robin Falkov's Show at Rumor Mill News, Thomas Malone's Show at Grok Talk Radio and Robert Otay / Matt Presti's Show The Evolution of Consciousness. For more information about Jason Verbelli's work and ideology, visit these links below:
Twin Opposing Vortexes and The Illusion of Pull:
Atomic Alignment - Aetheric Diodes and Magnetization:

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